Blizzard Arcade Collection

Blizzard Arcade Collection

The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing, and Blackthorne make their long-awaited return, with special Definitive Editions and an extensive Museum that tells the story of the founding of Blizzard Entertainment.

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In 1991, Blizzard Entertainment opened its doors, releasing its first game, Radical Psycho Machine Racing. Thirty years later, Digital Eclipse and Blizzard partnered to release Blizzard Arcade Collection, a historical look back at the early years of the company that would go on to release World of Warcraft, Diablo, and more.

At its core, Blizzard Arcade Collection is an exhaustive archive that includes both console versions of each of the three major releases: the gritty action-adventure Blackthorne, the beloved puzzle-platformer The Lost Vikings, and the musical mayhem of Rock N Roll Racing. Bonus games The Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing round out the package.

Working with the games' original source code, Digital Eclipse engineers created all-new Definitive Editions of the three core games, adding widescreen support, a new auto-map for Blackthorne, a four-player mode for Rock N Roll Racing, and many more options. Players can select from the original chiptune renditions of the heavy metal soundtrack, or CD-quality audio.

A Museum section featuring all-new video interviews, design documents, artwork, and archival photographs makes Blizzard Arcade Collection a unique historical document celebrating the origins of Blizzard Entertainment.

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