Invasion of the Buffet Snatchers

Invasion of the Buffet Snatchers

An alien smorgasboarding party is attacking your dining room! Can you deliver their dinner before they wreck your restaurant?

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Digital Eclipse Arcade: Invasion of the Buffet Snatchers is the latest in a series of all-new games inspired by classic '80s arcade vibes.

The ravenous Buffetlians from the planet Divowrr travel the galaxy in search of savory delights — and they've finally set their sights on Earth! But instead of eating the populace, they're curious to participate in the exotic culinary ritual they assume was named for them: "the buffet." Attracted to the bright lights of Las Vegas but lacking the social graces (and opposable thumbs) of the local populace, the Buffetlians expect to be served immediately upon their arrival — and if they don't get the food they crave, they'll start snacking straight from the buffet itself! Can you assemble all the plates and deliver all the meals before your uninvited guests destroy the dining room?

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