Prepare your elf! At Santa's workshop, the sportsmanship is nice, but the ferocious spikes at the net are downright naughty.

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Jollyball is the latest release from Digital Eclipse Arcade, a series of all-new games inspired by classic '80s arcade vibes.

Making toys is hard work, and even Santa's elves need a break. Thankfully, the North Pole Elfletic League gives everyone at the Workshop a workout. The Winter Invitational is underway, giving all of Santa's helpers the chance to be crowned seasonal champions of the North Pole's most popular 2-on-2 sport: Jollyball. (It's like standard volleyball, only much cooler.)

The teams are ready, the net has been set, the Power-up Presents are primed, and there's fresh snow on the court — are you ready to sleigh the competition?

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