Sir Daniel Fortesque returns in a faithful remake of the 1998 PS1 classic.

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Released over 20 years after the beloved PlayStation classic, MediEvil is a from-the-ground-up remake that faithfully captures the magic of the original.

The team's goal was to deliver a true remake informed by the source material in every possible way. This meant keeping level design as close to the original as possible and only making changes where absolutely necessary. Similarly, the challenging hack-and-slash gameplay was left largely untouched. Though cited by the developers of the original PlayStation version as a bug, the unpredictable sword swings of Sir Daniel Fortescue are so critical to the overall feel of MediEvil that they were retained in the remake.

With the project being a love letter to fans, it only made sense to also include the original MediEvil as an unlockable. A new and optional quest line titled "Lost Souls" was also woven into the game, giving players a chance to continue their journey even after the main game is completed. Other changes include the ability to swap between weapons and the option to use the "Dan Cam" during gameplay, allowing the player to view the world through an over-the-shoulder perspective.

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