Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection pairs the first six games in the mainline Mega Man series with an extensive museum of high-res art, concept imagery, and music from the games.

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The first six entries in the Mega Man series for the NES are still regarded as some of the best action-platformers ever made. The challenging gameplay, iconic music, and memorable boss fights all paved the way for a lineup of games that players still revisit and play to this day.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is as much for those dedicated fans as it is for those new to the series who have been waiting for the right entry point. With pitch-perfect recreations of all six games, a Challenge Mode featuring remixed gameplay tailored to new and experienced players alike, a Museum Mode with an extensive array of production art and archival content, and a music player with over 100 tracks, Mega Man Legacy Collection set the standard for all game collections moving forward.

The continued success of the Mega Man series has only increased demand for the games that started it all. With historical content even the most dedicated fans have likely never seen before, Mega Man Legacy Collection is a rewarding experience for all..

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