Rescue cats! Collect hearts! Defy the laws of physics! Q.P.I.D. is part platformer, part physics puzzler, part race against the clock. Did we mention the cats?

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Q.P.I.D. is the latest release from Digital Eclipse Arcade, a series of all-new games inspired by classic '80s arcade vibes.

Like everyone else on the internet, Q.P.I.D. loves cats. Unfortunately, the cats that the Quadrangular Programmable Inversion Device has been sworn to protect have gotten themselves into places they shouldn't be. With nerves of steel and a heart of gold, Q.P.I.D. is determined to rescue as many of them as possible, even if he has to bend the laws of physics to do it. Toggle gravity, blast enemies, avoid hazards, and collect cats before your battery runs out. Part platformer, part puzzler, Q.P.I.D. delivers a hero who's state of the heart.

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