SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

Explore the early arcade and console game history of one of Japan's longest-tenured video game makers in this interactive museum.

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Before it created the legendary NeoGeo platform, Shin Nihon Kikaku produced several innovative and highly regarded arcade and home console games. To celebrate the company's four-decade legacy, SNK partnered with Digital Eclipse to not only revive more than 30 foundational games but put them into historical context for modern players.

Featuring classic games such as Ikari Warriors, Baseball Stars, Athena, and more, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection introduced the Digital Eclipse feature known as Watch Mode, which allows players to view a complete playthrough of the game, then jump into the action at any time they choose.

Given the age and rarity of the games, securing source materials for this collection proved challenging, but the Digital Eclipse team located and downloaded the data from original arcade PCBs to deliver the most accurate emulation possible. The interactive museum offers a guided journey through SNK's formative period. Using annotated concept art, marketing materials, screenshots, soundtracks, and historical artifacts, Digital Eclipse told the definitive stories of more than 70 games.

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