Get 12 free games with the Atari 50 Holiday Content Update

Get 12 free games with the Atari 50 Holiday Content Update

A mix of overlooked gems, rare prototypes, and fan favorites just expanded the Atari 50 game library.

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Dec 5, 2023
Dan Amrich

Many fans of Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration have asked us if more games might be added to the library. We're happy to confirm today that the answer is yes, and today's Holiday Content Update brings a dozen more Atari games to every owner of Atari 50 on every platform -- at no additional cost! 

Some of the the games were requests from fans who still had a few cartridges in mind after seeing the 100+ titles that were part of the original release -- games like Bowling, Maze Craze, Circus Atari, and Miniature Golf were mainstays of the Atari 2600 and remain popular for good reason today. A few titles were rare prototypes, like Aquaventure and Save Mary -- both great games that weren't released in their original era but hold up great today.

For that matter, games like Super Football, Double Dunk, and Moto Rodeo were released so late in the Atari 2600's lifespan that many gamers didn't get to experience their often surprising technical achievements when they were still on store shelves. Homebrew games like Adventure II and Return to Haunted House give fans a chance to explore new chapters in these beloved franchises, and we're happy to say that Warbirds for Atari Lynx is here too, after just missing inclusion in Atari 50's original release.

All 12 of these titles are ready to play now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and the Atari VCS -- just download today's update file when it's offered, then head to the Library for a dozen fun, free games. It's a holiday gift to you on behalf of Atari and Digital Eclipse!