Digital Eclipse Plays on Twitch

Digital Eclipse Plays on Twitch

Unsurprisingly, we like to play games online too! Wanna hang out?

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Apr 2, 2023
Dan Amrich

We love making games, but we also love playing games…and all the cool kids stream the games they love playing. We wanna be cool kids too, so every so often, you'll spot us streaming to our Twitch channel — — playing a mix of both retro and recent games. When we play the classics, we almost always do so on original hardware!

Ian introduced Justin to the N64 classic Blast Corps on a recent stream.

In addition to supporting game launches with dev Q&A events, we try to stream the first Saturday of every month. You'll get a notification when we go live if you follow us, but you can also keep an eye on our social channels for announcements of when we go live.

When new games are released, we try to make ourselves available for Q&A gameplay streams, too.

We archive our streams to YouTube so you can still enjoy them if you can't be there live. Also, we use our Twitch channel for our annual Extra Life charity marathon, so it's worth bookmarking. Thanks!