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Apr 4, 2023
The DE Team

Wouldn't it be great to not just get emails with the latest information about stuff you enjoy, but also get free games? That's what we thought too. You're invited to join our mailing list, where we have been known to drop free codes for a new game or two…or three…or four!

Candy Creeps (October 2022)

We've actually stealth-launched all the games in our Digital Eclipse Arcade series via our newsletter. Candy Creeps, Invasion of the Buffet Snatchers, Jollyball and Q.P.I.D. all went to our loyal subscribers first. What's on the horizon? More newsletters. More games. And if you subscribe now, you'll get it all first.

Invasion of the Buffet Snatchers (November 2022)

Also, don't worry about spam — we keep our missives brief and infrequent. We don't like being annoyed by constant emails either, and we certainly don't want to inflict that on other people. Just know that when we have something to say, we'll say it — but we won't waste your time or be annoying about it.

Jollyball (December 2022)

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