Wizardry PGMO: October 2023 Patch Notes

Wizardry PGMO: October 2023 Patch Notes

Early access version 0.2 has arrived with character portraits, mouse support, a Bestiary, and more!

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Oct 26, 2023
Digital Eclipse

Hello from the Digital Eclipse Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord dev team. We have made significant progress in addressing much of the feedback that we have received over the last six weeks. Early access version 0.2 of Wizardry: PGMO contains some new features planned by our team as well as a few things we added as a direct result of your feedback — so thank you for your patience and support as we improve! 

Here’s what you'll find in this update:

Full Mouse & Keyboard Support
Our initial release was heavily controller focused, but we promised mouse support in our first update. Now, you can navigate all the menus in the game using your mouse, as promised. We’ve also added keyboard shortcuts to many areas to reflect the button prompts in the original Wizardry game.

Save Slots
Players now have access to five save slots to mark their progress.

Revised Mini-Map
The mini-map should now better reflect your party’s awareness of their current surroundings. What you have seen is what you know. Still, The Maze can never be trusted, so be sure to have DUMAPIC available to cast whenever you suspect it might be lying to you.

New Enemy Identification System
Characters can choose to Inspect Enemies during combat to learn more about them (give that back row something else to do than Parry). Your party can now Identify, Observe, and Deduce new facts about the enemies they face. As they do, the information they glean will populate the all-new Bestiary!

The Bestiary
There’s now a Bestiary that includes profiles and information on all 101 enemies in the game. The bestiary ties directly into our new identification system, providing a means of reviewing what you’ve learned when encountering enemies so that you can better strategize against them in the future.

A side note to these two features: The original version of Wizardry contained a monumental amount of data, much of which was kept hidden from the player. Under the hood lies a deep, rich system that players would often intuit, but never really directly saw for themselves. Our new enemy identification system, combined with the all-new Bestiary, strives to bring some of that data to light and make the game a richer experience.

New Character Portraits
Elves, gnomes, dwarves — show yourselves! There are now 20 portraits for every lineage, for a total of 100 portraits.

Custom Character Portrait Support
If you want a truly personalized portrait, we’ve added a character portrait importer as a direct result of player feedback and requests. Here's how to import your own portraits into the game:

1. Create a 512x512px image (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF) for your character's portrait. Please note that the final image must be exactly 512 pixels square, and animated GIFs are not supported.

2. Create a CustomPortraits folder in your Wizardry directory:
Steam: \steamapps\common\MURPHY\murphy\Content\CustomPortraits

GOG: \Wizardry\Murphy\Content\CustomPortraits

3. Copy your image files into the CustomPortraits directory.

When you launch the game, visit the Training Grounds and you'll find your custom portraits in their own gallery.

You can organize your images within CustomPortraits into folders, but the game will only recognize subfolders one level deep. For example, the images placed within CustomPortraits\Vampires will be recognized, but any images in CustomPortraits\Vampires\Sparkling will not show up in-game.

To start you off, here are 10 portraits of some of the scarier denizens of the Maze, suitable for your Halloween adventures:

Bug Fixes

We've also included several quality-of-life and bug fixes based on the vast amount of feedback that we have received.

We are actively monitoring the forums at both Steam and GOG, so please continue to post your findings and feedback there — adding your voice in either venue is the best way to reach the team with your suggestions.

If you have reported a bug but you don't see the fix for your issue in this update, don't despair — we're keeping track and will continue to address more issues in future updates. More improvements are on the way, and your patience is appreciated. Thank you and happy adventuring!