Wizardry PGMO: December Patch Notes

Wizardry PGMO: December Patch Notes

We've added more features and quality-of-life improvements to our reimagined version of the OG RPG. Here's what's new!

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Dec 13, 2023
DE Wizardry Team

Update Notes for Version 0.3: Blessings of Cant

Well met, adventurers — it's time for another update to our reimagined version of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. This time we've tried to focus on player feedback as much as possible, and we're expanding some of the core systems of the game to make the experience more forgiving — but only if you want it to be! Let's dive into what's new.

The priests at the Temple of Cant should be a little kinder to your purse now.

Expanded Inn & Temple Functions

Two key buildings in town have been enhanced. All the features of camp can now be accessed in town at the Inn, and you can now rest your whole party with one button press. At the Temple of Cant, you'll find resurrection prices are a little more generous based on the experience of the character you're trying to bring back to the land of the living. What's more, The Temple priests   can now restore experience to characters who have been affected by Level Drain.

Old School Menu

The Old School Menu has become increasingly important as we try to respect the Wizardry experience as each individual player might remember it — a computer game, a console game, or just an RPG that they're experiencing for the first time. These options have expanded, and are important enough that we've split them into their own menu. There are many, from how your starting attributes are distributed to how you prefer to see your characters increase in level — but they are all explained in-game, so hover over each one and see which options best suit your style of play. Don't forget you can also use presets for Original and Classic Console, which is an easy way for experienced players to make the game match what you remember!

Character Recruiting

You'll need all the help you can get in Werdna's dungeon. Stop by Gilgamesh's Tavern and you'll find adventurers waiting to be hired to join your party. Some of them are bargains, while some of them will charge more gold for their expertise – but they're worth every penny.

New Combat Arena

In addition to more animations and final textures added to the game, you'll quickly spot a new combat arena. Enjoy fighting for your life in this colossal cave!

Save Slot Improvements

The previous update brought save slots into existence; this time we're giving players more control over them, including the crucial ability to copy them into other slots. We know backing up your party is important!

We've added some new combat logic to prevent wasting your spell slots.

Updated Combat Logic

In the original version of Wizardry, it was not uncommon for your mage to lock in a spell, only to see your target enemy perish before the mage had a chance to act — and by the time the rotation reaches the mage, the precious spell slot is wasted on nobody and nothing. To address this, our team has added new logic to automatically redirect attacks that would otherwise be squandered. Here's how it works in various situations:

  • If you would have attacked an enemy that's already dead, you will instead attack a different enemy in the same group.
  • If you would have attacked an enemy group with no living members, you will instead attack a different enemy group.
  • If your spell would have targeted an enemy that's already dead, you will instead target a different enemy in the same group.
  • If your spell would have targeted an enemy group with no living members, you will instead target a different enemy group.
  • If no enemies are alive, no spells will be cast (and no spell slots are consumed).

All this and the usual bug fixes should make this update a significant one, with smoother gameplay and more personalized options for players who are veterans to the franchise as well as new adventurers. We appreciate your continued feedback at the forums of both Steam and GOG; we may not always be able to respond directly, but we are reading everything, and we hope we're proving that we are acting on your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and bug reports.

Due to the big December holidays, we expect our next update to take a little longer than our usual two-month cadence. Currently, we're planning to release the next update in March. We'll post a Roadmap before too long, but in the meantime, enjoy the latest content, keep sending in your feedback, and enjoy your holidays!

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