Candy Creeps

Candy Creeps

Smash pumpkins, collect candy, power up, and defeat the Pumpking in this all-new throwback to the arcades of the 1980s.

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Beware the Pumpking's wrath, my child
Each darkened Halloween
On Mischief Night, he watches all
And should your pranks be seen
A hefty toll he will exact
While naughty children sleep
He'll steal your candy, every piece
And give it to his creeps!

Elma and Harper were not the sort of kids to get into the bad kind of mischief on Halloween. Yes, they egged people's houses, but they used cage-free eggs! And the toilet paper in the trees was always 2-ply for extra comfort. If the neighbors were unhappy, they shouldn't have given out raisins and dental floss! So it was something of a surprise to these considerate fourth-graders when the Pumpking emerged that night to take their entire candy haul (even the rare full-size bars!). Now, using only their wits, the power of sugar, and several very sharp knives, these tweens are on a mission to take back their sweet earnings.

Smash the pumpkins to find candy, then chow down. Once you're turbo-charged with sugar, transform into a costume-clad avenger and bash the Pumpking until he explodes! Master four unique levels and go for a high score in one- and two-player modes.

Candy Creeps is the first entry in Digital Eclipse Arcade, a series of all-new games paying homage to classic arcade gameplay.

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